As the name suggests, the SPMT PowerHoss is a self-propelled transport vehicle developed by the inventor of the SPMT, the SCHEUERLE Fahrzeugfabrik. The difference to the conventional SPMT is that the PPU (engine unit) is integrated in the platform of the PowerHoss and therefore no coupling operations are required. This provides one particular advantage: the SPMT PowerHoss is ready for immediate use whilst drivers need only a short training session. Previously available as 2 and 4-axle transporters in container size, a new further option is the 6-axle vehicle with a 3,000 mm width and up to 330 tonnes of payload per vehicle unit. A true “workhorse” indeed. The manoeuvrable assembly aiding self-propelled transporter is easy to use and can be coupled with other PowerHoss units. Flexible regarding the choice of route, it can be used both off-road and in-plant – without any re-loading required!

The new SPMT PowerHoss 330 carries up to 330 tonnes per unit. When four units are coupled together, up to 1320 tonnes can be moved in a single transport. With a width of 3,000mm, it offers 40% more stability than comparable products and is therefore the safest of its type on the market. With additional performance packages available, your PowerHoss can be customised to suit your exact requirements.

Made for transporting:

Beton- und Stahlteile.

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One transporter – many applications

Technical Data

SPMT PowerHoss 80

  • Payload 85,000 kg
  • Deadweight 11,000 kg
  • Length x width 6,070 x 2,437 mm
  • Height (laden) 1,500 ± 350 mm
  • Axle compensation 700 mm
SPMT PowerHoss 2-Achser von Scheuerle.
TII SPMT 80 PowerHoss Light von Scheuerle mit Ladung.
TII SPMT PowerHoss von Scheuerle mit einer Schaufel als Ladung nachts im Hafen.

SPMT PowerHoss 180

  • Payload 174,900 kg
  • Deadweight 17,000 kg
  • Length x width 8,800 x 2,437 mm
  • Height (laden) 1,500 ± 350 mm
  • Axle compensation 700 mm
SPMT PowerHoss 4-Achser von Scheuerle.

SPMT PowerHoss 330

  • Payload 330,000 kg
  • Deadweight 30,000 kg
  • Length x width 12,000 x 2,990 mm
  • Height (laden) 1,500 ± 350 mm
  • Axle compensation 700 mm
SPMT PowerHoss 6-Achser von Scheuerle.
TII SPMT 180 PowerHoss von Scheuerle ohne Ladung.
Scheuerle TII SPMT PowerHoss 4x2-Achser gekuppelt.

Unbeatable as a harnessed team

You can work your PowerHoss as a single unit or as a team for payloads up to 1,320 tonnes – both offroad as well as for in-plant operations.

6-Achser neben- und hintereinander.

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SCHEUERLE pendulum axle technology

Original SCHEUERLE pendulum axle technology. Over 35 years of experience in the production of SPMT
Kuppelbar mit weiteren SPMT PowerHoss Modulen.

couple PowerHoss units

Can be coupled with other PowerHoss units and is customisable thanks to available performance packages
Hydraulischer Achsausgleich.

Hydraulic axle compensation

Hydraulic axle compensation of 700 mm secures the load even on uneven terrain
40% mehr Stabilität.

more stability

40% more stability thanks to the vehicle width of 3,000 mm

Schotter, Asphalt, Beton, etc. sind kein Problem .

Flexible route selection

Flexible route selection – no problem with gravel, asphalt, concrete …
330 Tonnen Nutzlast.

330 tonnes of payload

Loads weighing up to 330 tonnes can be moved with just one transport vehicle – 1.320 tonnes using 4 coupled modules

Indoor & Outdoor Einsatz.

indoors & outdoors

Can be used indoors & outdoors – no re-loading required thanks to hydraulic axle compensation

Plug & Play

Ready for immediate use thanks to the integrated PPU and short instruction time – just plug & play